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Thread: Turning back your COUNTER (km/h,mph) it?

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    Turning back your COUNTER (km/h,mph) it?

    I have a strange wish and idea...
    I'ma a musician and i pass aproximetly 4000km every month...
    My VW Sharan is 2003,and I've already have 220.000km...
    So one guy told me if I buy from him this cable and software that I can do what ever I want with my car via CarPc...The name is:


    The price for this is 180eur and I get Usb cable,and some software so that I can control my car...The question is,Is that true,or is there some other option that I can control and see my car parameters via CarPc?Thanks very much for answering...
    ---P4 2.8GHz
    ---512Mb RAM
    ---40GB HDD
    ---7" Xenarc touch
    ---USB-Cd Rom
    ---VW Sharan 1.9tdi

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    You can monitor parameters and such, but I don't think you can change your meter (ie many kilometers you've accumulated).

    In some most countries thats actually illegal...

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    This is more than likely illegal in all countries. Therefore this discussion is against forum rules.

    thread closed.
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