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Thread: Mozilla Fennec -- First Test

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    Mozilla Fennec -- First Test

    I've been following the development of Fennec since it was announced in April, however missed the official Alpha release by a few days, so figured I'd give it a shot on my Vista machine.

    Windows DL link (File Size: 8,968 KB)

    Mac DL Link (File Size: 10,480 KB)

    Linux DL Link (File Size: 9,422 KB)

    After downloading the Windows version, first a test to see how it handled as a stand-alone app.

    Upon opening, I was greeted with what appeared to be a very nice interface.
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    So, fired up the about:config to see what can be changed, mainly to get the scroll bar (FYI: Scroll wheel does not work well. It zooms in and out)
    Name:  fennec-2.jpg
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    Well, since this is alpha software, there are bugs... Couldn't scroll through the config file. Oh well... it's a minor thing.
    edit: after finding out what nav keys there are, I was able to browse the config file... nothing that I could see for removing the window border

    On to the prelim test I suppose.
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    The window size defaults to 800x480, to scroll have to click/drag up and down. It auto sets the width to whatever the max width of the given page is since from the first image, left and right are reserved.
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    On the left menu, you have a new tab button, as well as a preview thumb of the tabs that are open (MP3Car and Google for this test). On the right, you have the Bookmark This Page star, back and forward buttons, and the options/setting button. The View Bookmarks button is up at the top next to the address bar.

    Opening the options/settings menu defaults to this menu (and yes, those are the actual menu descriptions):
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    The button on the top is for add-ons/plugins. There are no add-on's/themes available yet, but comes with these plug-ins preinstalled
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    To edit a bookmark, have to click/press the bookmark star twice:
    Name:  fennec-9.jpg
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    And pressing the View Bookmarks button pulls this page:
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    Next test was to get it to open in RR. Wasn't too hard, just set the path in the config to open fennec.exe...
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    Well, RR doesn't like it one bit. It is very easy for multiple instances of Fennec to be opened, causing locking/crashing of RR. The OSK didn't work too well either, and due to the aforementioned issue with about:config, the window border is present at all times (although F6 does do full screen mode... 1440x900 on my monitor LOL).
    Name:  fennec-11.jpg
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    Based on this initial test, I have a feeling that it will be a solid browser for in-car use since the basis of the design is for touchscreen smart phones. Just needs a little bit of tweaking to get to that point.

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    Additional stuff for Windows

    Open defaults/preferences/mobile.js

    To change the homepage:

    pref("browser.startup.homepage", "about:firstrun");
    Change about:firstrun to whatever URL you fancy (quotes must be retained).

    To hide the cursor:

    pref("browser.ui.cursor", true);
    Change true to false (no quotes)

    To change window height:

    Open chrome/browser.jar

    <window id="main-window"
            width="800" height="480"
    Change integers as necessary.

    Nav keys (Windows and probably Linux):

        <!-- basic navigation -->
    Back: Ctrl+Left arrow
    Forward: Ctrl+Right arrow
    Reload: F5
        <!-- scrolling -->
    Scroll up: Up arrow
    Scroll down: Down arrow
        <!-- misc -->
    Menu: F4 (not sure what this does)
    Full screen: F6
    Zoom in: F7
    Zoom out: F8
        <!-- tabs -->
    New Tab: Ctrl+T
    Close Tab: Crtl+W
    Still haven't found the "get rid of the window border" setting

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    Easy to embed in RR. Just give the window title as Welcome To Fennec - Fennec.
    "INET","LOAD;||RUN;$RRPATH$Fennec\Fennec. exe;Welcome To Fennec - Fennec"
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    That worked pretty well, actually.

    Open, find

    B,<coordinates here>,"web",
    In-lind find:

    Replace with:

    "LOAD;fennec.SKIN||RUN;$RRPATH$Fennec\Fennec.exe; - Fennec","fennec",
    All I did was copy the file and renamed it to, made sure the image paths (on/off/empty) were set right (for some reason eLite didn't have the images preload), retaining the existing on/off/empty filenames, no more window border Thanks for the tip

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    Well that is pretty darn spiffy. Looks like this will be my mobile browser once it is released.

    Havent checked out the official links or anything yet, but the screenshots are nice. Any chance of a Windows Mobile Version?
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    Based on the the dev group e-mails, there is an issue with XULRunner and Windows Mobile that is being hammered out.

    And as far as official links go:

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    1.0a2 was released in December, but I got sidetracked, here's the new link

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    Just started using RC3. By far the best solution for a browser on a windows rig. now If only I could get flash running.

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