Anybody know any software of configurable script in windows to enable playback of a audio or video file when computer is going into standby and resuming from standby?

I have completed my automatic startup and shutdown installation with my dell p4 laptop, I have to say, that is totally sweet the way that works. Feels completely like a stock installation now.

Now for my isuzu rodeo, I want to animate a very short and brief "Isuzu motors" 3d "welcome" screen that will zoom in and render back to the centrafuse software with a "hello/welcome" voice sound in the video for when the ignition is turned and vice versa for when the ignition is shut off. The only think I need to figure out is what I stated in the first paragraph. Running through the windows registry it was hard to find any possible configurable keys but... maybe someone else knows a way to add new keys that windows knows or some 3rd party software that will do such an action.

Can I replace the windows shell screen of "Windows is preparing to stand by" with something else?