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Thread: Minimizing writes to disk in WinXP

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    Minimizing writes to disk in WinXP

    I am planning on putting a copy of WinXP on a CF card for the next install of my car computer, and have done a bit of searching both here and google on mininizing the amount of writing the OS does to the disk (a CF card in this case) to keep the life of the CF card to a maximum (since CF cards have a limited write life)

    Anyone have any good info on how to minimize the amount of data the OS writes?

    I thought of building a Bart's PE install onto a CF drive (which totally eliminates writes to disk) but I fear that the software installed will also not be able to write to disk. I want some software to keep some config files writable to be able to make changes, and to save the state of the front end (like playlists and such) for the next boot.

    Any thoughts/links/ideas would be helpful.


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    Look at this thread:

    EWF is exactly what you need.

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