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Thread: Winamp for High-End system

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    Winamp for High-End system


    I am going to install carpc in a high end system (based on Audison THESIS product line)

    I added to the system professional sound card Edirol UA-25EX, which capable to transfer pure direct digital signal (bypass windows drivers completely) to my processor via optical output.

    I am intend to use Winamp as the music player and want to maximize it's quality.

    winamp configuraion:

    1. ASIO plug-out (bypass winamp volume control)
    2. MAD plug-in for MP3 decoding.

    my questions:

    1. is there better plug-in than the built-in for loseless formats (WAVE...)? (maybe any wave 24-bit input plug-in like MAD for mp3 files)

    2. how can I delete winamp software equalizer completely?

    my target is using winamp as an digital decoder only , without any software DSP at the signal path.

    if you have more suggestions to achive the highest quality I'll like to hear.


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    Foobar seems to be the choice for SQ from what I understand...

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    winamp is also for SQ (after proper configuration),
    I think foobar is not an option for me becuase it is not compitable with RideRunner GUI.

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    which D/A processor are you going to run in your setup if you don't mind me ask.

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    my system is based on all Audison THESIS line include Audison BIT1 processor.
    the computer have Edirol sound card which only transmit pure optical digital PCM signal.

    the D/A conversion occur on the THESIS amplifier and is based on Wolfson top class of DAC, while the built-in preamp feautre high quality Opamps module of JRC.
    the volume controller is based of BurrBrown high end which is actually Analog with Digital control.

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