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Thread: This prob belongs in noobs - Control Cetrafuse with mouse?

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    This prob belongs in noobs - Control Cetrafuse with mouse?

    I downloaded Centrafuse, which looks awesome by the way, and I am trying to play around with it on my laptop just to see what she can do. My laptop doesn't have a touchscreen, obviously, and navigating with the arrows and tab keys is a nightmare.

    Is there anyway to run Centrafuse with a MOUSE until my touchscreen gets here?

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    Yes you can, I'm sure that you have the "hide mouse" option selected and you cannot see it when Centrafuse is running.

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    Yes, you just need to make sure when you setup CF that you don't enable the "Hide Cursor" option. You can then see the cursor onscreen and navigate with a mouse or the touchpad on the laptop.
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