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Thread: how does this work?

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    how does this work?

    can anyone tell me how this works:

    i'm talking about the one fitted to the headrest with the google page displayed and it says it can display different content to the other screens, can this screen then control the content. is it just a multiple display setup as in windows. can you have 3 displays, each bieng able to show/use the internet independantly of the others?

    how would you go about setting this up?

    any software required to achieve 3 displays?

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    check out HiJackZX1's worklog:
    I think he's got 6 screens, all independent control.

    I'm pretty sure centrafuse has multimonitor control...You may want to research that.

    Edit: just found this...may be useful to OP

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    hi, thanks for the info, will take a long look at it see if i want to go that route! cheers

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