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Thread: ELO & SB conflict, gurus help!

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    even though the serial device doesnt use a irq the serial port through which it communicates does (typically irq 3 / 4)

    Be aware that there are two possible types of hardware conflicts, I/O conflicts are possible as well.

    In your device manager (right click on my computer, select properties, select the hardware item, there should be a device manager button , or at least thats where it is in win2k).

    select the view "resources by type", you will be able to see what irq are used as well as which I/Os are used.

    You should be able to force either the serial port or the sound card to change any "shared" resources.

    To ensure that its an hardware conflict, try starting the macking without the sb card. if the touch screen works this will be your cause.

    question did the problem by any chance start after you have moved on or more cards around on your mother board (taking them out and putting them right back in counts).
    If this is the case the card has changed its resource use, and thereby caused a hardware conflict.

    good luck

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    I have not had the chance to mess with it in the past few weeks, but I can give you some information.

    The problems occur, consistanty, when the soundcard is inserted and the touchscreen is trying to be used. The problem started after I installed the sb card and reset.

    You have to remember, that when the SB is installed, and the touchscreen does not appear to be working, the computer is still reciving data from the controller. I can even get into hyperterminal and lookat the data, even though it is meaningless.

    I will check into the hardware possibilities, but i would think that with that kind of conflict, the controller would not communicate AT ALL.

    I also have a 4 port serial card, do you think i might have more luck plugging the controller into that?
    System in the works:
    Celeron 850 or PIII 933, SB Live! Value into a stock 4 channel amp, ATI vid, 10.4" sharp LCD w/ allen's controller, Elo SW touchscreen overlay and controller, GPS, TV tuner, FW DVD drive, 4 port serial card, and some other stuff....

    Loads of ideas.

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