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Thread: one click webcam with pre-event?

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    one click webcam with pre-event?

    does anyone know of a simple webcam program that can support multiple cameras and support 1 buttons trigger to record that has pre-event recording say 10-15 sec before button press?


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    I'm not sure what you mean by pre-event recording.
    You cannot do pre-event recording before a button press, this implies that you must know the future. (if i understood you correctly)
    I recalled theres a program called Captured! search on the forum you'll find it. It is a very good software the last time i tried it.

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    I think what he means is he wants the software to read his mind, not see the future. Much more doable...
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    You can keep a 10-15sec buffer constantly, and when you hit the button save the buffer.
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    yes malcom2073 has it right i want ti to save the buffer then keep recording til i press the button again

    I have a couple of cctv that do this however they are designed to trigger on motion only

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    I know Panasonic makes a dash cam for cops that does this, perhaps they have software that will run on an MDT to do the same? worth a look. The cam is part of their toughbook series.

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