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Although I agree with your general point, I disagree with your distate for buttons.

IMHO, More buttons = Less menus. Less Menus, less time spent looking for a function. I'd rather have the Infiniti or OEM dash, with lots of buttons, than a BMW one, with i_drive and submenus galore.

The thing is, buttons have to be big. A front end should be all big buttons, nothing else.

Media is not enough. I want playlist buttons, like an OEM CD player, lots of big buttons for playlists! Video playlists, audio playlists, add to playlist, this kind of thing is essentinal to me, since my whole huge mp3 collection is in the car.

Now logos, pictures, strange colors, small dime sized buttons, they got to go.
Hence the reason why there are many different skins...everyone has different needs!

As far as what the op was asking for....OpenMobile, RevFE and nGhost3 all share similar ideas here....the interface should be designed for a 7" screen with big easy to read buttons.

There should be a minimum number of clicks to perform any function and it should all be possible without having to take your eyes off the road.

Again, though any of the front ends should be capable of this - you just need to find a skin that suites your needs.