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Thread: Synchronizing CARPC and Desktop Music database (Rating)

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    Question Synchronizing CARPC and Desktop Music database (Rating)

    Hello everyone,

    some words to me. I am a Germany guy, currently 25 years old and planning my first carpc.
    I have not yet decided for a frontend but at the moment I am wondering how to set up the software to fit best to my demands.

    Most of the time I listen to music in my car. What I am dreaming about is while listening to a song to give a rating and it to a playlist. Sometimes I also listen to music at home. It would be great to be able to export the gathered database from the carpc to my desktop to have the same ratings and playlists. At the desktop I am note fixed to a player.

    Summary of my demands:
    - Database at CarPC with easy to access rating function (1-5 stars)
    - Searchfunktion based on ID3-Tags (Genre, Artist, Album)
    - Dynamic playlists (Top Rated, recently added...)
    - Synchronization of Database (Ratings) with desktop

    Could you please help me to find the right frontend, plugins to make my wishes come true?

    Thanks in advance


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