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Thread: XP sleak install

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    Could i please have a copy of that information as well. [email protected]

    Thanks, AE.

    Quote Originally Posted by Asok
    I am running Win XP on my unit. I have killed services that I did not need and have uninstalled some of the MS software. At 1st I wanted to take the browers out. I got very close. The problem is that there are a lot of apps that use it. My machine takes more time to post than it does to boot. If you want more info ask and I will get it to you. I also know most of the files that you can remove to make a smaller footprint.
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    This is what I have done. If you kill your machine I am sorry and do not get mad at me! Use at your own RISK!!!

    The 1st thing I did was backup my machine with Ghost or Drive Image. I lost track of how many times I killed it. Also keep a log of what worked and what did not. I have now almost filled a notebook.

    Here is what I did. Fresh install of XP Pro then put the latest SP on it.

    I downloaded and installed Atomic XP

    I started here to see what the different services are. Then I turned off items that I did not need and some that I have installed.

    I also downloaded That way I can see what else is starting.

    You may be able to use XPLite when it comes out. Just go to

    For more tweaking I used It is nice to help in getting that start menu cut down and has lots of other great stuff.

    Stuff to get rid of
    Go to C:\windows\inf and look for a file called sysoc.inf and open it. Go to EDIT -> REPLACE and replace all the ,HIDE with just ,

    Go to Add/Remove programs then Add/Remove Windows Components. Remove only what you know you do not need. Play with removing some of the others. It may make things to stop working.

    I removed all the .hlp and the .chm files from c:\windows about 49 meg

    Remove the uninstall of patchs and updates C:\windows\$NtUninstall******

    Then I deleted "C:\WINDOWS\Driver Cache\i386\" About 75 meg

    Keep the "C:\windows\temp" and "C:\Documents and Settings\current user\Local Settings\Temp" clean

    Odds and ends

    Turn off System Restore.
    Turn off the "Pretty" junk like rolling windows

    At one time I had almost killed IE and jumped for joy but there where some problems. I save less than 1 meg. Big deal! Also, some apps require IE to run.

    I will say this one last time. Make sure you have backed up your machine and take lots of notes on what you have done. I had two images. One with no changes and one with my currect settings. Last but not least, write down what changes you have made!!!

    I did not free up a lot of hard drive space but, I did cut down the boot time. It now takes long for the machine to post then it does to boot.

    I think I am done.
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    You guys using XP Pro know about gpedit.msc right? Its the management console. Type that in from a command line and you will bring it up - there you can set just about any setting in XP Pro. I have not used it to trim boot time - as my carpouter is still in planning stages, but I thought I would throw that out there...

    Notice I said XP PRO version.


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    GPEDIT will allow config of lots of settings, but it doesn't skinny down the install size or boot time. It's a handy tool though.

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