Hello everyone,

Here is my goal.

I want to have a hotkey that has the function of closing the current Audiomulch "project" and opening the next project in the folder.

Ideally, I will have three or four tailored Audiomulch profiles or "projects" in a folder that I will cycle through with one hotkey.


Uupon startup of my carpc, profile 'A' is automatically opened and minimized. This has been accomlished.

If I press the assigned hotkey, profile 'A' will close (along with the entire Audiomulch program) and profile 'B' will open. If I press the hotkey again, profile 'B' will close and profile 'C' will open. So on and so forth until there are no more profiles to cycle through. At this point the hotkey would start at the beginning with profile 'A' opening.

Can anyone think of a simple way to accomplish this?

Best regards,