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Thread: MyHTPC or Media Engine?

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    MyHTPC or Media Engine?

    I am debating between the two, I know that Media Engine is made with car computer in mind and MyHTPC is probably made more for a home theathre setup.

    Pros on Media Engine: The interface is great and works great with touchscreen. Very nice looking. And is soon to support GPS software, soon to support search.
    Cons on Media Engine: Can't use plugins, there are alot of programs that I don't need such as the fm on. (can it be removed?) And the worst thing about it, cannot que songs!

    MyHTPC: Don't know too much about it except you can que songs in a playlist. Does it support touchscreen? Can I use gps software with it?

    What would you pick and why?

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    Re: MyHTPC or Media Engine?

    I'd pick MyHTPC and media engine as external app


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