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Thread: Windows on fresh Hard Drive...

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    I don't recall installing any raid drivers when I did mine dMand... How would that affect performance? My system works, but its still a little buggy... Enough to irritate me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by djurchicprelude View Post
    Thats exactly what I want to do, Just dont know how to power the hard drive since I dont have a SATA on my Desktop

    Yes Please let me know how your doing this. Thanks! Oh and I use a m2-atx

    First you need to purchase one of these adaptors for a dollar, this way you don't need to cut any wires on your atx power supply. You need to cut the yellow wire and the black wire next to it on the adaptor, these are your 12v and 0v rails. Connect the power in and remote turn on of your M2 to the yellow and the ground of your M2 to the black cable.
    Once you have done this and made sure you have properly insulated the joints you made with insulating tape or something similar to ensure you don't shock yourself/fry your carputer you can connect this adaptor to a spare molex socket in your desktop PC.
    Switch on your desktop PC and your carputer will come to life 5 seconds later.

    Now installing sata drivers may well be your next hurdle although I have found some combinations of certain motherboards and certains versions of XP don't need any drivers from a floppy or slipstreamed cd/dvd. I'll leave the sata installation part to somebody else to help you with as slipstreaming takes some time and patience, usb floppy drives are quite a cheap and easy solution though.

    I'll post pics tomorrow if you like?

    Good luck.

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    aight guys thanks for all the help!! What I ended doing was borrowing my friends dekstop pc with SATA and used his power supply and cd drive... poped in the windows cd and everything worked out great.

    Thanks again for the help!

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