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Thread: Centrafuse vs ride runner

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    Centrafuse vs ride runner

    These seem like they are the most talked about. I have played with both and i am trying to decide which to go with. Centrafuse seems to be more of a all in one package (minus the GPS) and ride runner seems to need a lot of plugs to get everything to work right. i have searched through the threads and really have not found a good comparison thread. Can some people that have used them in there car give me some insight into both and why you ended up with the one you are currently using.

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    Easiest answer, try them both, see which one works better for you. I've used them both, each has it's own pluses and minuses. One will most likely meet your needs better than the other one.

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    search front end benchmark and it will take you to a comparison thread i believe was done just last week Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    Heres the benchmark referenced above:

    Heres a comparison on the wiki:

    But a lot of this stuff is a little generic - were working on a detailed comparison for wikipedia but it may take awhile. So if you provide more info on what your looking for we can push you in the right direction.

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    Question: Is it possible to embed Centrafuse inside ride runner (full screen only?) and/or Ride Runner accessed by one of Centrafuse's buttons? Some cool plugins are only available in one, some not in other, I was thinking of maybe (somebody) developing a skin to make the transition between the two seamless. For instance, GEarth only works in Ride Runner, but Yahoo Traffic (Tlink) only in Centrafuse, same with phone integration, video playlists, etc.

    It's important for each to be running in the background, and both hibernating and resuming without flaws.

    I think that would be awesome? Am I out of my mind, anybody tried that before?



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