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Thread: hibernation fail

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    hibernation fail

    When my carputer started up yesterday, XP went to a text screen telling me that my hibernation data is corrupt and my (only) choice was to delete it and start Windows XP up from scratch. This does not happen often, maybe once every couple of months or so, so it wouldn't bother me except for the fact that I don't have a keyboard installed in my car. I tried rebooting many times, but I cannot get XP to boot without first telling it to delete my corrupt hibernation data. I'll be taking a keyboard out to my car in a few minutes just to get past that screen, but does anyone have a better solution? Is there any way to tell Windows to automatically delete a hibernation file if it looks to be corrupt? I need a better solution than keeping a keyboard stored in the car, or taking one out to the garage every couple of months, when this happens. Ideas?

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    There are threads on this if you search for them, and the general consensus is to keep a keyboard in your car just in case.
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    that's what I figured. I don't know why microsoft didn't put a timer on this menu. Safe mode and dual boot have timers because of crap like this. I have a nice small bluetooth keyboard and a mini usb keyboard and neither helps in this situation. I'll keep an old ps2 keyboard in the trunk I guess

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