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Thread: BU-353 and Centrafuse: Rarely works, advice?

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    BU-353 and Centrafuse: Rarely works, advice?

    Running Centrafuse 2.0 and a BU-353 GPS. I have been having the hardest time getting this to work consistently. Sometimes I can't get it to work at all. No matter what I try it doesn't load in centrafuse. Here is what I have to do to get it to work 1 out of 10 boot ups.

    Start Windows
    Watch Centrafuse boot on startup.
    Close Centrafuse.
    Open the GPSInfo program and start it.
    Watch the GPS data then stop it.
    Open Centrafuse, go to settings.
    Reset the Com port in Centrafuse to COM2 even if it's already there.
    Save, then close centrafuse.
    Restart Centrafuse.

    IT works! *sigh* This is the most unreliable POS software I've ever tried to use. I've demo'ed other software and it works every single time. Why is it that Centrafuse doesn't lock onto the GPS when the computer sees it and reads it every time.

    A note: I don't hibernate anymore. It actually caused me way more problems then it helped. I cold boot in 45 seconds, and it shuts down in less than 10 seconds. So I can't complain. All my USB devices are running from the computer directly. No hubs. Computer is an EeePC 701.

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    I am dealing with the same issues. If you search this issue, I believe there is software that will remedy this. I just have not got that far yet. I think it's called gate keeper or something like that. I will be working on solving this one over the holidays. Good luck to you on this one.
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    Install and configure Xport. I have used it reliably for the last year without problem in Centrafuse 2 and 3.



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