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Thread: Hardware acceleration

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    you mean Windows Auto? That's not based on the desktop OS's, but on WinCE. totally different beast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaFlav View Post
    Too early? I doubt it....

    the reason is because two main usergroups will be categorized: one using the new direct2d functionality, and the other one who is still willing to remain with XP (alot of users are satisfied with what they already have, and some wouldn't change anything) and since there is always room for improvement in any department, starting early can be very promising because as interest grows over time, more support and more versatility would spurt...

    The advancement in operating systems, hardware and software had to start somewhere, The jump from XP to vista was catastrophic due to the demand in huge power resources, but, here it's not the same, think about it: even an user that possess an EPIA 10000 would just need a PCI graphics card, which is really cheap nowadays (around $25 on Ebay for a Geforce Fx5200 with 128Mb DDR)

    There should also be some general performance increase because the weight would be taken off of the CPU's shoulders to be handed to the GPU), and 512Mb of Ram is more than enough for Tiny7
    I think we're both correct...

    I'd say that whether or not it's to early is dependent on what a developer is aming for.

    What I mean is that for someone who wants to target a big user group its to early, for someone who don't mind starting with a small user group and work it's way from there it should'nt be to early. And I must say that it shouldn't be necessary to support something that's 9 years old but if you look at the hardware that a lot of people in the carputer community are using then it seems as they will be using XP for quite some time.
    Of corse the best solution would be to support both systems but this would create twice as much work for the devloper.
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