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Thread: Hissing and garbled sound with MPXPlay

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    Hissing and garbled sound with MPXPlay

    I've got MPXPlay all setup, and its working in the sense that it plays files, but not very well. There's a lot of static/hissing on most songs, and on almost all songs, you can make out the song (kind of) but it's sorta "sped up/garbled/skipping". I can see the CPU usage jump above 80% and even to 300% or so (how does that make sense?). I've got 550mhz, so my CPU shouldnt be a problem.

    All my mp3's work fine under Windows with Winamp, and I didn't change any settings in mpxplay.ini to make it play fast or slow or anything. My setup is in my sig, it should be plenty fast for mp3s under DOS. I'm doing this in the house on AC power, so the hissing isn't inverter noise.

    Some songs are almost perfect, while others are almost unrecognizable. All my songs are CBR, usually around 192kbps.

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    It could be your sound card settings. An improperly set dma value can cause the music to play really fast, or cause MPXPlay to hang.

    If the "Blaster" variable is set in the autoexec.bat, MPXPlay will use its settings. Otherwise MPXPlay will try to autodetect your sound card.

    Look in the autoexec.bat for a line that looks similar to this:
    SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5

    "A" is the port address
    "I" is the IRQ
    "D1" is the lower DMA channel
    "H" is the upper DMA channel

    According to "moreinfo.txt"

    If the playing starts, but it runs very fast (4x-10x faster) or
    it plays a short block of music, after that it stops,
    then your DMA (or the IRQ) value is incorrect.
    Try the -sct option, maybe it shows the correct value(s).

    Try running MPXPlay with the -sct command switch. This will tell is to autodetect the sound card, then display the results. Make sure the settings displayed are consistant with the "SET BLASTER" line in the autoexec.bat

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    Hi Bombboyer,
    I have built 2 MP3 players, one for my car and another for work. The one at work is an old Cyrix 150 with 64 Meg RAM, 8.4 Gig HD, and SB16. Both systems are set up the same way; the car player has worked perfectly for almost 3 years, and the work player will occassionally show a similar problem. It will play fine for weeks, being rebooted every morning, yet once in a while the CPU usage will go up to about 300-400% and start to stutter. By pausing and unpausing the player, the problem clears up!
    I am using CBR MP3s, standard AC power, and I boot right up into DOS. So is this an MPXPLAY issue or something else? I tend to think it is not an MPXPLAY issue because of the large number of people who use it and haven't reported this kind of problem.
    I think that your settings are OK, or all songs would play badly, not just some.
    Let me know what you come up with. I would be interested to know what the problem is.


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    I've used MPXPLAY on a 133mhz, 233mhz, and 166mhz- currently in my truck. And I'm currently working on a home player. I would have to agree that I don't think it's an mpxplay problem. I've never had playback problems regardless of what the cpu usage % says. The easy way to find out is to download another copy of mpxplay and set it up. This shouldn't take long.

    The only time I've had sound problems was due to the sound card itself. My music was fading in and out. Some times perfect, others garbled. I checked it out and had a loose jack on the card. Once I fixed that, the problem went away.

    Another thing is that I used to use the "speaker out" jack on the card- SoundBlaster 64. That uses the cards on-board amp. This would give me garbled results at times. I then started using the "line out" jack, which is non-amplified, and it played perfectly.

    I also once used a card that ended up being incompatible. It would have inconsistent playback. Replacing the card w/ a soundblaster card fixed that as well.

    So usually, it ended up being a hardware issue, rather than software issue.

    Let us know if you find the cause.

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    hi bombboyer, i see that you are using a 40x4 lcd, could you share with me how you managed to get the lcd displaying correctly, ie, what are the settings you put in the mpxplay.ini file and any other additional stuff u did to get it to work?

    does anyone else know to get a 40x4 lcd to work? thanks!


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