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Thread: Help me help a kid

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    Help me help a kid

    I'm in progress of adapting some old game controller on the computer for a 12 years old boy with cerebral palsy. My plan would be grabbing a usb game controller and bind it to PC keyboard keys, and run really large momentary switches to the usb controller to replace the buttons. Also, he has the ability to control a joystick very well because hes a power wheel chair. Here is where i need help, I need games that follows the following criteria:

    - Require 1 if not 2 buttons maximum
    - EASY EASY to play

    Here is a couple of things i thought of:
    1) A racing game using only a joystick.
    2) Any point and shoot game using joystick and another button (must be very slow)

    So if you got any suggestions, please share.

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    How about most of those old arcade games. They should fall into that category.

    You could use the emulator called Mame to run them on a computer.
    Info about Mame here:
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