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Thread: Batch file. Pause keyboard!

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    Batch file. Pause keyboard!

    Good Evening,
    I've been trying to find an easy way to transfer music to the carpc and a batch script seemed like the easiest way. (Although windows 7 won't allow an autorun script).

    Anywhoo, we have a pause command added to the end so that I can quickly scroll through and be sure everything went smoothly. (We also have a log file that can be critiqued). Unfortunately, the pause command requires a button press in order to continue. In the car...I dont exactly have a keyboard to press. The only item I have is my touchscreen, which leads me to my ultimate question. Can a touchscreen(Mouse click) interact with a command prompt window...and if so...what would the script look like?

    Secondly. I would like to make things easy where I could have a batch file on my desktop. If I drag and drop say folder "music" onto that batch file, it will automatically copy the contents to my usb drive. Does anyone have a quick script for such?

    I appreciate the help! Sorry for the's way too late for me.

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    batch files cannot interacte with mice, because it is based on ms-dos which never had a mouse to use only keyboards

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    Try choice which has a pause

    Or google

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    I was thinking that too, but people want what they want. A sync app would be much easier and faster.

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    Use the On-Screen Keyboard. Goto Start -> Run -> and type osk . I just tried it, it works with the pause script.

    For the second thing, just have a Shortcut to your usb and drag folders to their instead of creating a script.


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    isn't there a DOS sleep/wait command with a countdown timer? I'd have to do some research.

    the second item could probably be done with a batch file that accepts a parameter (ie %1).

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