Hello guys i was wondering if some one could help me start Avermedia USB radio MR800
(AverMedia MR800 USB Radio ?)

on centrafuse, or guide me on how to make a radio module for the same device. I dont mind using it with radiator but there are no radiator plugins for it either and i dont know how to make them, so if someone can help with radiator plugin i would make it work that way. I know there are some old posts on this topic but none have a specific answer.
I have following
Intel atom based Pc
Win 7
centrafuse 2.1
Avermedia MR800 usb radio
and the following sdk's
centrafuse sdk
radiator sdk(for plugins)
avermedia usb sdk

Let me know if any one needs these files ... And i cant buy any other Radio devices as they are not available in my country(India) so i have to make this work .