Hi there,

I have created a synchronization tool for one of my university project. Now before I perform the synchronization function on 2 folders, I decided to add a Preview function.
What the Preview function does is, it displays the union of all the files in the left and right folders (folders which need to be synchronized), using a listbox/listview.

So basically both the listboxes contain the same number of files (which is the union of the files in seperate left and right folder) and in the same order in both the listboxes. Since the size of listbox is limited to the size of my main window's GUI, hence for cases where the left and right folders have many files, a scroller bar comes in.

What I need help with is this -
Whenever I scroll the left bar (or right bar), the right bar (or left bar) should automatically scroll so that the user can compare the files in both the left and right folder (because anyways, the files in both the folders are same and in the same order)

Can anyone help me code that?

Just to mention, I need it to be done with WPF instead of creating a Windows form using MS Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite (.NET)

Thanks in advance