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Thread: USB > Serial RS232 driver for GPS that doesnt crash

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    USB > Serial RS232 driver for GPS that doesnt crash

    I have a USB Sirff III GPS antenna, it uses a RS232 USB driver like most of them, the one that came with it is very buggy though, works great until I put the computer to sleep or hibernate, it won't wake back up and the system hangs, as soon as I unplug/disable the GPS antenna, my computer runs flawless.

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    same here, mine is a Delorme USB GPs and the software to make it availabel to the serial world SUCKS!
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    heh, you've got the same problem eh?..

    This is a new installation I'm doing in my nissan frontier, my previous installation in my isuzu rodeo that I did almost two years ago with the Asus Eee Box (basically all same chipset as the aspire one).. it has the same GPS antenna, all same software, it works perfect. I remember my GPS was causing those problems in my isuzu rodeo when I first built it but I remember finding a driver to replace the original and it fixed everything.. but now I don't remember where I got it from.

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