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Thread: windows 7 + asus at3n7a-i volume issues

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    windows 7 + asus at3n7a-i volume issues

    Hi all,

    After about 2 years without a carpc, i finally got a new one installed in my avenger, but i am having problems with the volume control of the individual lines.

    first, my hardware:
    at3n7a-i ION mobo
    4gb corsair 800 ddr2
    250gb laptop drive
    opus 250W psu
    windows 7 32 bit
    riderunner 5/01/2010
    digitalfx 4.0
    using wmp as the audio player through onboard sound

    in my old system with XP, i could turn the individual speaker channels up or down to act as the fade function, but with this setup, when i try to do that, riderunner wont lower the master volume below the vol level the loudest channel is at. for example: front speakers are set to 10% rear are set to 20%, and the sub is set to 15%, the lowest riderunner can set the volume is 20%.

    I have installed all the latest drivers off asus's site, but i can't seem to get this to work.

    Also, i would much rather use winamp as the audio player, but when I try to play an album, it loads an empty playlist, any ideas why its doing this? I tried with the latest winamp version.

    any help or ideas are greatly appreciated, I'm really looking forward to having a carputer again


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    just an update to this, i did a reformat and installed XP again but the drivers for the onboard sound now let me control each of the 8 channel's volume independently. The drivers in windows 7 did this as well, but they wouldn't let me have the volume control in rr mapped to Wave, so whenever i lowered the vol in rr to 0, it set all 8 channels to 0 volume.

    I also found that with 4gb of ram, xp resumes from hibernation about 3 seconds faster than 7.


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    Hi David,

    I looked at your post because I have the same mobo. I purchased 4G RAM for mine too but I only have 2G installed and I'm thinking about taking it down to 512K to speed up the hibernation.

    I've been playing with digitalfx as well and it's an awesome skin but I haven't figured out how to build the music library. Have you figured that out? Right now all I can see are my playlists. If I use another skin I can browse my entire library.


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