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Thread: VLC for CF3.1

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    VLC for CF3.1

    A coworker and i are working making a plugin for centrafuse.
    Our skin we have for now places all buttons across the bottom.
    Before we release it for dl, we were wondering if could get some feedback on a couple things.

    Just answer these please,
    What all controls are you expecting? Our present version is very consolodated, and focussed on play videos from ur cf or "my vids" library.

    Would u prefer a "remote" on the side? Initially our controls are at bottom in traditional player manner, but we were thinkin, car users on touchscreen, might want a different interface to keep from constantly reaching across the screen.

    What other "video" features would you like? Thanks to our incorporation of vlc, the sky is the limit (streaming, dvd play, video chat) However, lets think about our suggestions, dont want anyone gettin into a wreck because of our plugin, lol.

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    I only ever used VLC to play content from a networked tuner once (HDHomerun). I'm not sure what makes it better than CF's own (I take it it's WMP?).

    What I really wanted to see is support for milkdrop visualizations, and I think only winamp allows that (winamp bought milkdrop)?

    Now streaming from home is a cool idea, if VLC is the only/best way to get that, I'm all for it.

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    To answer a couple questions:
    First off: VLC decodes pretty much every media type, and what it cant play, someone is working on

    Secondly, the difference from vlc to cf's own is simple. CF relys on outdated "DirectShow" libs whereas vlc is "managed code" of alot of different resources. suffice it to say, vlc is not just a player, but rather a great lib collection for making almost any kind of media player you can think of.

    Suffice it too say, as i said before, with vlc implementation, the sky is the limit.

    I'll post a standalone of my personal player this weekend as an example. For now i need to get back to work, lol.

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    Would love to see this happen. VLC is one thing I miss having recently changed from RR to CF. Happy to test anything you develop Jdmck

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    For me is better to have controls at the bottom and separate button for skip and ffd.
    I don't wanna be a product of my environment.
    I want my environment to be product of me.

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