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Thread: Software project listing

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    Mar 2004
    Project name: ICE (In Car Entertainment)

    Latest version: 1.0 in progress

    OS Supported: Windows , Not Sure Yet

    Project Type: Undecided

    Supported functions: MP3, ID3 Tags, Mpeg PLayback, Avi, Dat,

    Input type: touch screen

    Other features: Shortcuts to games.

    A basic program written in VB6 for my YR 12 project. Which hopefully will be up and running one day.

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    Dec 2003
    Fort Lauderdale
    Project name: INES (In-Dash Entertainment Software)

    Latest version: v0.2

    OS Supported: Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP

    Project Type: Free to members

    Supported functions: Windows Media file types, MP3, video, DVD playback

    Input type: Touch Screen/mouse

    Other features: Fully skinnable!!! including animations

    INES uses Flash and Flash Studio Pro as an executable wrapper. Ines is based on a hispanic woman narrator and will feature 3d and 2d animation incorporated into the interface (which is fully skinnable) and lip synching for the default animations and speech. Because this uses Flash as a base for the program, the interface can be customized with new motion or static backgrounds and icons (read: you can get rid of the narrator and make it look anyway you want). Windows Media Player 9 series is embedded into the application so this is the only extra software requirement. I've been working on this for about 4-5 months now and currently it's a few months away from testing... screen shots to follow once the interface design is solidified.

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    Wink It's not a trick... it's PhoneControl.NET

    Project name: PhoneControl.NET

    Latest version: 1.1.x 2004-05-23

    OS Supported: Windows 2000 / XP

    Project Type: Freeware

    Supported functions: Controlling your mobile phone via Bluetooth or cable (preferably SonyEricsson T6xx)
    For a compatibility list look here: Compatible phones and Compatible BT dongles

    Input type: touch screen, mouse, keyboard

    Other features:
    1. Reads phonebook
    2. Shows incoming calls
    3. Manages outgoing calls
    4. Manages receiving, reading and sending SMS
    5. Skinable
    6. Designer included

    Yet supported languages:
    1. Danish
    2. Dutch
    3. English
    4. French
    5. German
    6. Greek
    7. Italian
    8. Norwegian
    9. Polish
    10. Portuese
    11. Spanish
    12. Swedish
    13. Turkish

    Link to website & or project thread on forum

    Screenshots with different skins:

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    Jan 2004

    C.E.S. - Car Entertainment System

    Project name: C.E.S. - Car Entertainment System

    Latest version: C.E.S. V3.0

    OS Supported: tested on Win98(SE), WinXP (Pro), Win2k

    Project Type: Shareware

    Supported functions: Recently MP3-/DivX-/MPG-/SWF-Playback, Playlist-Mode, GPS-Navigation (only with further program's i. e. Navigon), Image-Gallery, etc.

    Input type: Touch-Screen (Trackball/Mouse), Keyboard, PowerMate, (VoiceControl)

    Other features: fully Skin-able

    The WebSite is only written in german (at the moment):


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    Mar 2004
    Project name: RX-8 Media Center

    Latest version: 0.01.2 (not public)

    OS Supported: Windows All

    Project Type: (Freeware)

    Supported functions: (mp3)

    Input type: (touch screen)

    Other features: in development

    NOTE: Very early stage. Since I don't have my display yet, graphics are not accurate in size and position. More features are planed, project is in active development.


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    Linz Am Rhein , DE
    Project name:In Car Navigation

    Latest version: 0.0.1
    OS Supported: Win2k/xp

    Project Type: Freeware (sources will be released once its stable)
    Supported functions: gps
    Input type: keyboard/OSK , Touch screen ,voice

    Other features:
    1) auto zoom in at higher speeds.
    2) Voice guidance for the next turn when you are near the turn , the distance depends on your speed. Also if you are using winAmp it will pause it for the guidance and resume again later
    3) Configurable Autorouting feature
    4) Voice commands support:
    "Computer" to get into the listening mode
    and the commands are
    a) Zoom in
    b) zoom out
    c) Guidance off
    d) guidance on
    e) When is the next turn
    f) Reroute
    eg "Computer Guidance off" will switch off the voice guidance
    5) Supports skin

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    Williamsport, PA
    Project name: Tiny Music Embedded
    Latest version: 0.1.0 BETA (Not released.)
    OS Supported: Windows XP (May support others, untested.)
    Project Type: Open Source
    Supported functions: Music(MP3, WAV, OGG, MIDI)
    Input type: Keyboard, Remote(Creative)
    Other features: Networking synchronization, remote settings configuration.
    Tiny Music Embedded

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    Dunedin - New Zealand

    Media Car Console


    E=MC˛ (Entertainment = Media Car Console)

    Project name: MC˛ (Media Car Console)

    Latest version: 0.2

    OS Supported: Win98, WinMe, Win2k, WinXP

    Project Type: Freeware

    Development Platform: VisualBasic 6 spk6 + DirectShow

    Supported functions: Common Multimedia files plus support for Real & Quicktime

    Input type: keyboard, remote, voice, touch screen

    Website: (no content yet)
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    We are, will have and forever will be...
    But not tommorrow!

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    Apr 2004


    Project name: PlasticoCE

    Latest version: Alpha 0.1 (O.3 coming out about July)

    OS Supported: Tested on Win XP

    Project Type: Opensource (Dveloped in Visaul BAsic 6)

    Supported functions: MAME and mp3 (other audio and video support coming soon) - Multilanguage support

    Input type: Joystick and keyboard

    If someone want help me on this project please send an email to [email protected]

    The software don't use winamp or mediaplayer, the visualizzation is maded in vb, some screenshot is here

    Stratup screen

    MAME Frontend

    Aquarious (Music Player) display Playlist

    Aquarious (Music Player) visual effect

    Shutdown screen

    Sorry for my bad english, but I'm italian

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    Nov 2003


    Project name: AutoTouch

    Latest version: Alpha Release 0.01

    OS Supported: tested on WinXP (Pro)

    Project Type: Shareware

    Supported functions: Audio Playing through WMP9, and Navigation via MapPoint 2004

    Input type: Touch-Screen (Trackball/Mouse), Keyboard

    Other features: Skin-able

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