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Thread: Virtual Box USB assignment help!

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    Virtual Box USB assignment help!

    Was wondering if Virtual Box users can help me out. I finally have the install working to a point. I have finished getting the Host PC all together, but now I am putting the Guest VMs together and having an issue.

    All the hardware is the exact same model. So all soundcards are one model and brand, same with the touchscreens, keyboards and KVMP switches. Problem is, in its current setup, Virtual Box will select all the USB cards for one VM, even though I only selected one of them. It says if I enter a serial number for the device, I can assign it that way to lock it to that device, but these sound cards do not have a serial number. Also, it says I can assign by the port for the device. How do I find out the port through Win 7 though?
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    hey there,
    Hey i am not that much familiar with Virtual Box but just read about it" You can also check it out.It might be some help to you

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