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    Media Player App

    Hey Everyone,

    This is my first post here. In short, I'm an engineer/student. I do everything from computer systems engineering, to system software engineering. I love cars, although I don't own one myself. I found this forum so I figured I'd start putting two of my passions together and create some cool stuff! On with the good stuff..

    I absolutely hate all interfaces that have been designed for cars, I have yet to find one that is "usable" when operating a vehicle. Music is also another love of mine, so I wanted to create a sleek minimalism player that could be featured on any platform. Well, just take a look:

    It has two sample songs. This is based off web technologies such as javascript, and flash(YUCK). Some of this code was used from another project but was licensed for me to use whenever I want in any application. The final version will have alot more features, and won't be based on ****ty flash, but rather a cross platform framework.

    Future Features:
    - Artist information
    -Album Artwork included in Artist Slideshow
    -Easy panels to start a music playlist

    Please let me say, this is just a "proof of concept" at the moment and will be much better than this in the end game.


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    I love that, looking great. Love that you're taking focus on the album art, something most of the interfaces forget about. My only critique would be that your volume slider in the top right seem a bit small to be practical in a car environment. Other than that, great design.

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