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Thread: Wanted: Programmer who wants to play with DAB+ option

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    I received an email from the forum with alnicol's post but the post itself seems to have disappeared.

    ---Quote (Originally by Shonky*)---
    I'm in a DAB+ only area (Australia).
    ---End Quote---
    Excellent ... DAB+ seems to be almost the same as DAB but with a couple of additional filters. Have you tried playing DAB+ with the example app which came with the SDK? It looks like users need an AAC decoder from a third party ... what do you use? The ffdshow one?

    I'm going to rewrite my filter graph building stuff to be a bit more intelligent. When it switches channel it needs to reconnect the graph depending on whether it's DAB, DAB+ or something else (possibly packet data etc).
    I have had a go changing your code to support the filter chain (splitter + decoder) to decode AAC and pass the mode 3 data (since you're specifically blocking it now), however when I'm connecting the filter pins I'm getting errors. I'm not sure why right now. Your code is successfully decoding parsing the FIC data etc. So I think it would work but I need the filter chain to work properly of course. I can connect them in GraphEdit/GraphStudio no problem. It's just not working in my code.

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    You are right Shonky. Appologies

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    Great work guys.. I 'try' and code in and was wondering if yo ucould compile the needed DLL's so I can reference them in my app for me. I've not of c installed so can't load the project and dont know where my install dvd is.


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    Hey there,
    it seems as if some guys here have spent some time and effort on progging

    And if I understood it correctly you have been able to get the fm stick working with your own code.. GREAT !!!

    So far: thank you a lot !!!

    But at this point, me as a layman, would like to ask If one of the skill full proggers could explain what I need to do
    to be able to use the stick with centrafuse for example..
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    anybody who can explain to me, hoq to use this great work to get it work in Centrafuse ??

    Greetz to all

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    It's clear to me that at the moment, the code is not ready for release, nor is it in a format that could be integrated with Centrafuse.

    I'm certain that when they're ready, they will release their work. Patience

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    Ah ok ! My english is not the very best, for me it seemed, as if the released code would be the key ^^
    I have been trying out to build a simple plugin and it does not seem that hard and can be written in C..
    So if they would get a usable code, I could try to put the code into a plugin.

    Maybe finally, we will get it and I'm sure it will be worth it, cause other radios with finished plugins are about 100$ WTF ?

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    Sorry I haven't been following this much recently.
    Just saw this article today which I thought might interest somebody:

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    Quote Originally Posted by stretch4x4 View Post
    Just saw this article today which I thought might interest somebody
    I saw that too ... looks like this little DAB stick could be very impressive. Looking at the driver which came with the Realtek stick, there's a dll which looks like it'll give us windows users access to the same data that the linux guys have access to (pretty much a raw stream). It's completely undocumented and I might have to see if Realtek are willing to help out again.

    I've abandoned a bit of the Realtek driver on the DAB side of things. I don't like the way getting the DAB channel information happens as a 'once off' process. Accessing some of the underlying APIs means that I'm beginning to get a 'live' feed of the channel data. On the up side this means that you'll get traffic bulletins and the radio can retune as you change transmitter ... on the down side it means parsing the raw signal data and having to understand the DAB spec ...

    Still, if there's a chance that this radio can decode any radio signal, then it has potential to be used for some quite cool stuff ... looks like on linux they've got it listening to GSM traffic

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    I've been lurking for a little while, and working on some other projects. It looks like this thread is full of some talented people who are doing interesting things with the RTL2832U based dongle.

    I finally manged to get my hands on a few and have been playing around with the available source code. I'd really like to try and get the IR decoder and some other features figured out. ( Raw RDS decoding is one of them...)

    Can anyone point me twards a datasheet or sdk?

    Many thanks.

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