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Thread: What software is this??? It looks really good....

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    What software is this??? It looks really good....

    Please check out this site, it's in french , but you can figure it out.

    Does anyone have this software, the download link doesn't work.

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    The download works and it looks like a nice piece of software but I can't seem to get it to maximize.

    Its only in the beta stages right now!
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    looking around the page I found a link to a site which a link to this:
    Digital Dash

    It basically looks like Media Engine 2.5 (obvious we arent at that stage yet but has similar features of what the new one is suppose to have. Im not saying this is better/worse or whatever than ME, but someone might want it. Its $45 though, personally Id take a fellow's software for free than pay the $45. Not to say I wouldnt support CarComp if he ever went to charging, but for software I dont have a voice in and dont have direct contact with the developer, I dont really wanna pay that price tag. Anyways, at least someone enjoy the link.
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    I tested this software a few months ago, it was very buggy then. The developer came here 1 time, but never came back that I can tell
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    He is from (french forum...) => Coyotte

    Already posted this link 3-4 month ago!

    Check also this free production & free source from Djromain:

    (2,5 Mo Full version 0.7) regulary updated!

    Mp3 & Divx support...

    Mapsonic support! (GPS for europe)
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