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Thread: Front End dependence on a mouse and keyboard

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    Front End dependence on a mouse and keyboard


    I wanted some feedback in terms of using your typical front end software (RR, Centrafuse, openMobile, etc) and the need for a mouse and keyboard to do certain things. Is it possible to add plugins or media files to the FE easily without a mouse/keyboard? For those of you who have a FE set up in your car, what's the process when you want to do something like the aforementioned, and if its too annoying, how would you want the process of loading external data (whatever it is) to be?

    Centrafuse seems pretty decent about it -- you can specify folders to 'watch' for media and automatically load (import) media from a usb key/external source when you plug it in. You can also directly download plugins from the CF app store (but what if you don't have an internet connection?).

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    OpenMobile has been built from ground up with a touchscreen in though so you don't need a mouse or keyboard to configure or use it. If you want to you can use it but it's not a requirement. JMullan has it fully up an running in his car with 2 x touch screens so I guess he can give you some feedback on user experience if you're interested.
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    Hi Preet. OpenMobile has no dependance on mouse and keyboard. Anything needed within can be handled by touchscreen and on-screen keyboard. While OM is typically setup to "watch" a folder for new media, OM can automatically detect when external storage has been attached and offers you to add media items for you to play. I believe this is the best way to go.

    However, OM requires internet only if you want to add plugins via OM's included plugin utility. Without internet connection, it is possible to download stuff to an external storage device and copy it into the appropriate OM folders. For this kind of maintenance, I recommend plugging in at least a mouse to do the copy/paste. This is what I do when testing new builds. It's just easier than doing it with touchscreen.

    I'm using Windows. I also use Zero Weight Keyboard for text input without a real keyboard for some chores. It works well for those times (outside of OM). Like my external GPS (GMPC).

    If you have other questions on the OpenMobile user experience, feel free to ask

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