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Thread: Android on x86

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    Android on x86

    This should blur the line between tablet and pc a bit more..

    The same front end could now potentially be use on an android tablet or a full blown pc..

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    The pre-built iso only works on certain AMD (Brazos) chipsets. You'll have to do your own build for Intel, and there's a LOT of pieces that are not working right now.

    All that said, I've been running the Honeycomb RC2 x86 build on my Azpen (Tegra 2) tablet in a dual-boot config with Windows 8 for several weeks now. Overall pretty stable. I'm looking forward to the ICS build. Certainly a lot of potential.


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    Maybe I should be trying it on my new e350 then if the iso works on it..
    I have heard that ICS does polish up a lot of "unfinished" things from previous builds but not had time to play with much recently..

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