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Thread: Generate offline serial data and NMEA gps data after logging real values on the road

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    Generate offline serial data and NMEA gps data after logging real values on the road

    I want to do some testing of a programme I have written. Any suggestions are very welcome, here is what I'm upto:

    I am using an arduino to send accelerometer data via USB serial connection into my visual basic application. With acceleration I calculate vehicle speed, I am also listening to my GPS antenna and then using sensor fusion with a kalman filter to correct accel drift.

    At the moment this doesn't work all too well, so I want to be able to debug it offline, my application can log all the sensors and application output, but I would love to be able to then send that data back into the application as if it were really on the road.

    Can anyone recommend some hardware emulation software that can send data from a virtual serial port to emulate the arduino acceleration and have the data arrive at the same time interval it would have been received, as well as a second hardware emulation of the GPS antenna? Or does anyone fancy writing something that could perform these tasks? I can then run long playbacks and figure out why my app crashes after 10 mins etc. Surely someone else has done something similar, I had a quick search of the forums but didn't find anything.

    Currently the project has not received much of my attention lately but I am now keen to get it all properly working. Suggestions greatly received.

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    For my test , i use the software Franson GpsGate that simulate a GPS signal on a virtual com port .
    You can to define several com port and use each com port for one sofware (it's a splitter of com port ).
    But you need to create your own itinery (.gpssim file) .
    I use Itnconv 1.78 for create my itinery , i save this itinery as a .kml file and convert it in a .gpssim file with the gpsbabel converter !

    I have made an autoit script that does all these steps quickly : ItnConv2GpsGate

    I don't know if that will help you !
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    Thanks for that, I will have a look over the Christmas break. I just wanted to find someone who might recommend something, and this sounds like you have used and got along with it.


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