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Thread: Telenav to release free browser based html5 turn by turn voice guided NAV

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    Telenav to release free browser based html5 turn by turn voice guided NAV

    The blog is here. Has anyone tried this yet? Very cool.

    Announcing the world’s first browser-based voice guided turn-by-turn navigation & how you can join our select developer’s program! #HTML5
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    Imagine this. You’re traveling and using your mobile phone and you discover a great restaurant you want to try. Now, what if on that restaurant’s mobile website, they made it easy for you to get there by adding a feature which instantly launches a free 2D voice guided navigation session directly from your mobile browser? It’s a simple process and in the time it took to write this sentence, you would already be on your way to satisfying your empty stomach.

    Different situation. Imagine you’re a developer of a mobile website or of an app with local content – maybe you run a website with restaurant reviews or a mobile travel app. What if, by just adding one line of code, you could integrate a full GPS turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation service experience into your website? That way, without having to open any other apps or programs, your audience can have an easy way to get to destinations important to you.

    Well, whether you’re a developer of a location-based website or app that focuses on things like travel, shopping, local search, deals, or connecting people via social media, or just a customer who wants an easy way to get to the important people and places, you’ll want to hear this. Today I’m happy to let you know that we’ve created the first HTML5 browser based navigation service for mobile devices!

    With our new navigation service, it’s easy to get anyone with a HTML5 supported mobile browser just about anywhere – without having to leave your website or do any additional searches multiple other applications.

    HTML5 Browser Navigation Features

    Included in the new service are a lot of the features you’ve come to expect from us – navigation with full-color moving maps, spoken directions and automatic rerouting if you miss a turn. The best part? It’s all absolutely free.

    Developers: Want access to our new service?

    Are you a developer interested in playing with our new HTML5 service? We’d like to partner with you! We’re currently looking for select mobile software developers to test and provide feedback for our APIs and help shape the future of location based services. For more information, please go to and follow the instructions.

    As for when it will be available publicly, we expect to open it up in early 2012.

    As you could imagine, here at TeleNav, we’re pretty excited about this because our goal has always been to make it easier for people to get to places most important to them and with this announcement, we’re confident we’re helping to fulfill that. Whether you’re a business that wants an easier way to connect customers with locations or you’re a person who just wants an easier way to get around, our free mobile web browser-based turn-by-turn navigation service can help do both.

    Special thanks to our team here for making this possible. This is a great accomplishment and kudos to you for your tireless work on this project.

    Have any questions about our new service? Let me know below and I’ll do my best to get you an answer.

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    Left a comment asking if the API will be limited to mobile devices. Hoping its accessible to windows and perhaps linux. Imagine a free constantly evolving navigation platform which only required an active data connection, embedded into all front ends via plugin interfacing. Sounds ideal. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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