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Thread: Troubleshooting Speakers and Sound w. Centrafuse

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    Troubleshooting Speakers and Sound w. Centrafuse

    Hey All,

    I am using the Creative XFI 5.1 External Sound card to run my speaker system in my 2005 hyundai accent off of my Windows 7 CarPuter. I am running Centrafuse, and am having a bit of a tough time getting the sound equalized properly. Lately, I've realized that my front door speakers have sounded pretty quiet, so I started tinkering around with the built-in Mixer in Centrafuse. Now, I can hear my rear speakers blasting whenever I turn the volume down all the way, and when I crank my front and rear speakers to max, I'm unable to turn the volume down all the way to 0 (as in, if the volume appears to be on 0%-1%, my speakers still sound like they are at 50% volume or so). It sounds like my speakers are on different levels or something. Is there any way to fix this? If I reset my settings, then the front speakers sound quiet again and I'm unhappy with the overall audio quality. Is there a better choice of mixing software that I can use? I'm fairly certain that none of this is hardware related, I guess I'm just having a problem with the software...if anyone can give me some suggestions or advice as to what I can do, please let me know! Thanks.

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    I would suggest trying to play your music in winamp or WMP. If all is well, then head over to the CF forums for some specific help on CF. If either of those players don't fix the problem, then post back here for more help with the Hardware and W7. I am runinng the X-fi as well but through an Alpine processor optically so I am not sure my results/ experiences are relevant.
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