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Thread: XMBC plugins needed - Anyone want to code them?

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    XMBC plugins needed - Anyone want to code them?

    Ok so I have decided to develop my own car infotainment platform based on Windows XP and XMBC (
    A custom skin is currently being made for the main interface.

    What I will need is the following:

    - FM/AM radio plugin on XMBC so radio stations can be picked from the main interface. I am still looking for the best tuner at the moment.
    - GSP software (To be decided yet) to show up in a window within the main XMBC interface with a option to go full screen.

    Still very early stages, but if anyone feeling up to the challenge wants to participate, please feel free to let me know.


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    I was thinking about this long time ago, but have no programming skills. I'm looking forward for your attempt.
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