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    Android SVN client

    I used to frequent this forum and while this is not strictly carputer related, I know there are a bunch of developers here that might use this...

    I have been developing on Android long before I ever had a actual android device and with the appearance of some IDE's on android now including AIDE (which I love) I started to get the itch to develop occasionally native on the platform, especially on my xoom (orig). with the bluetooth keyboard.

    The problem for me was that I personally use svn for all my projects and there was no easy way to get my existing work to the device and back to the repository with the changes, so I only got as far as playing around with simple 'hello world' apps on the device.

    I looked at the svn options on android but they all seemed to be scraping http and not actually using svn, so I decided to build a quick and easy client. I created Open Android SVN (OASVN) it is open source and the source is available on my svn, there are instructions in the lead article here:

    Here is a link to the google play market for the app.

    As I get time to expanded it, I want to make it into a full featured client.

    A little summary of how it works and some screen shots:
    open oasvn
    add repos / checkout
    all checked out files will go to your mountable storage (most of the time /mnt/sdcard/OASVN or OASVNlite

    Once the checkout is complete I open AIDE and use the file browser to navigate to the directory where the checkout took place.. If you use eclipse for your projects you can just click on the project to open it in AIDE..

    Do your changes and testing..

    Go back to oasvn and commit.

    Done. (until next change :P)

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