I have tried to connect an OBD2 ELM327 adapter in Mercedes Atego. Somehow I managed to get it in that OBD2 connector. I can see that my adapter is receiving electricity. These are the PID's that I can read with this adapter: OBD PID's. But as I thought these PID's are not working in the mercedes atego.

Is there anyone that has a list of the codes that are able to give me a live data?

I can see that my obd2 adapter is fetching data as I can see the yellow lights blinking. But no success with the code reading.

I tried several forums and a lot of manufacturers but noone has those codes. Everyone is giving me a link to buy a new OBD2 adapter with their protocol. Maybe I need to change pin's?

But I am a programmer and I am making my own program for reading this live data.

Guys please help as this is urgent.