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Thread: Win8 with UEFI MB's Boot times?

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    I cannot get RR (my frontend) to start on power up using the startup folder. I've tried shortcuts and the actual .exe, in both administrator mode and non elevated.

    I followed your trick to get to auto switch from metro to desktop, that works awesome, and I also added the registry key.

    Any ideas? btw, I switched over to Win8 Pro.
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    If you run it as task and tick "Run with Highest privileges" this will override UAC and it should run.
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    I am currently looking for the fastest boot mb / os combo. I rode in a ford edge recently that booted in literally 2 seconds. I also bought a sony tap recently that boots in 13.5 seconds (has ssd and the bios post is so fast that its non existent)

    So has anyone found that magic combo that will boot like the ford edge (i know that os is windows 8 embedded automotive)

    Edit. It takes 13.5 seconds to boot not 3.5 lol
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    Full Win8 on a Lenovo Miix 2 8" tablet - @7sec from cold boot.

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