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Thread: Software for rearview/backup camera?

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    Software for rearview/backup camera?

    What software should I use for a rearview/backup camera? I wil be using a USB camera.

    1. I really just want a window to pop up on my command (not an automatic system). I want one with no extraneous stuff, just a small border with the pic inside. Ideally resizable to full screen, quarter screen.

    2. As I understand it, I need to reverse the image.


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    I have been thinking of my options for this purpose as well. I really like the idea of my desktop wallpaper as the video. How ATI tv tuners are setup. But want to be able to use something other then the ATI card. Like a Haupauge WinTV. The hard thing is finding something that can flip the video horizontally, that is why getting a bullet cam with the flip built in is easier. But I agree it would be nice to have it in a simple pop up screen.

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    Have you thought of using web cam software.

    Setup your camera as a web cam.

    Have not done this but there are many simple webcam or video capture utils, that would could do the job???


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