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Thread: Installing Win8 Upgrade Version Clean

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    Installing Win8 Upgrade Version Clean

    So I picked up a new SSD for my Win8 install and found some useful tips I thought I'd share. I bought an upgrade disc for 30 bucks on black Friday, but you can still get them for pretty cheap. I really wanted a clean install though. Why start shoving XP onto my SSD just to never use it?

    I got some good tips on the walk through here. The laptop I'm using had a defective optical drive so I created a Win8 Install USB flash drive that worked great.

    Anyways, the key that I really wanted to share was about Microsoft's support. When I got all the way done with the install and into the OS the activation didn't work. It knew I only had an upgrade disc, not one licensed for a clean install.

    I called Microsoft's support line fingers crossed, but expecting to have to start over and do the XP install first. Turns out they don't care. I told them my XP install wasn't stable (which was true) so I installed clean on a new drive. He walked me through a couple of steps to let him load an activation utility from his end onto my computer and I'm good to go.

    One of the best little items to share though is that he didn't require I prove any of it. I didn't have to give him my XP serial to prove I had a legitimate copy (which I did).
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    When I bought the upgrade I was told it would even work over top of the free developers edition. I think they just want to get the OS in use. My guess is they foresee their revenue will be coming from other sources rather that sales of the OS itself like maybe something to do with paid apps but who knows.
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    I've had an MSDN subscription for years, and Microsoft has always been very good about providing additional product keys when needed. Many (if not most) times, simply requesting the additional key through the MSDN interface is all that's required. Not quite the greedy bastards that they are portrayed as most of the time.

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