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Thread: My Simple Media Controls Program, Great for Touch Screen

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    My Simple Media Controls Program, Great for Touch Screen

    So I installed my CarPC earlier this year and couldn't find a front end I was happy with, since, as of now, I'm only really using it for music and K-Pro (an engine tuning software) and I have all my music organized in iTunes so I wanted a way to still take advantage of that. After searching for a while, I found out about AutoHotKey and basically just learned to code as I went along and made a simple set of large buttons that controlled the media on my PC. Recently though I decided to add onto it and make it a more versatile and appealing program and after working on it for a few days I am now nearly complete so I thought I'd share what I've got so far. version 1.0.0 is complete.

    A quick gif showing the basic features:

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    So basically it just gives you large universal media controls that are easy to hit while driving without forcing you to use an entire front end. It's not 100% complete (for example the settings screen is quite lacking) but I hope to have it done this week.

    I'd love to hear any feedback you guys have and if there is any interest in a program like this then I will figure out how I'll go about sharing it if anyone is interested. Maybe as I expand the features on my PC I'll end up making my own front end.
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    Looks neat bud, I like the big button concept,....lets see where this goes.

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    Updated to first official version.

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