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Thread: XP hibernation doesn't work

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    XP hibernation doesn't work

    Hi folks,

    I have just set up my mp3car system with an EPIA 800 mainboard.

    I don't know why but hibernation doesn't work. I have latest BIOS version 0207, the pc is seen with ACPI interface.

    I shut down the pc and it saves the ram to the HD. But when booting up it show a blue screen of death.......

    Any suggestions?

    Nic Galla

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    search for a file called nohiber.txt, atleast win98 had this one.
    I think that all components must support hibernation for it to be avaliable, try unplugging everything and see if you can choose it. Also play around with the bios and the settings for desktop, under the screensaver tab there is a button at the bottom (!) wich you also should check up on. I dont got the english version of xp so I dont know exacly what it says but have a look and you'll probably figure it out.

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    Did you tell xp how to shut down?
    Hope that it is just as 98/ME/2000
    Go into the bios
    select power management setup
    select ACPI SLEEP TYPE: S3(STR)
    save and exit setup

    A Double clik "My Computer"and then "Control Panel
    B Double clik the "Power management" item
    C Select the "Advanced"tab and ""Standby"mode in Power Buttons
    D Restart your computer to complete setup

    Now when you want to enter STR sleep mode, just momentarly press the "Power on" button

    Hope that this will help.
    sproggy 2.8,epia c3-800,20Gb 2.5", 5.6"lcd,touchscreen.

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    Microsoft has a lot of tech advise on this subject (Hibernation) read all those things and the trouble shooters.

    Also make sure you have the latest drivers..especially video.


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