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Thread: ACUI: Android Integration into your car!!

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    ACUI: Android Integration into your car!!

    A couple of months ago I started working on the installation of my trustworthy Nexus 7 on my likewise trustworthy car. Once I got to the point where I had to install the classic app to simplify using my tablet inside the car I found myself disappointed to say the least: all the apps have a horrible GUI And they’re nothing more than a bunch of shortcuts with no additional features whatsoever compared with other apps and they are also paid apps.
    So I started creating my personal app which would reflect my needs in terms of features but also graphics; however, while my project was being developed, more ideas started flowing through my mind and that’s how project ACUI was born.

    But I’m not talking about just one app, in fact we will release three sets of apps for a total of 11 apps which, I hope, will satisfy more or less everyone’s tastes. The three sets we’re planning to release are:
    - ACUI Tablet Bundle
    - ACUI Phone Bundle
    - ACUI Moto Phone Bundle

    Each set will consist of four applications (Each will have two or more themes), There will be the possibility to also purchase the apps separately both on our site and on Google Play Store.

    NOTE: the app shown in the video is still in beta phase.

    Besides the three sets of apps we will also release our own devices specifically designed to be installed in your cars and a Bluetooth controller both for cars and motorcycles.

    For more information visit our page on IndieGoGo

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    will you still go ahead with frontend software seeing your project was not funded? Frontend looks good.

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