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Thread: MS Speech recognition

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    Oh guys i have read some things about this microphone. If this is what it needs to get voice commands in a car then i will prioritize it . Untill now i was working with a stereo mic found in my waste boxes.
    But at this time i am dry of money so i ll have to wait and see if anything ll come up. If ur device is still available i ll happy to take it Camo.

    But what are you telling is pretty impressive. Thanks guys for the infos.
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    I have my DA-350 mounted to my sun visor, and when music is playing moderately loud, I can talk and see the microphone level meter match my voice well, where the music level comes in at a very low ambient level.

    In other words the DA-350 targets voice, instead of all sounds.

    Those mics can rarely be found for under $300, so I would skipping a weeks worth of gratuitous vice just to snap that baby up.


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    Happy_Feet if your interested ill put it away for you for later

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