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Thread: Software for camera recording

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    Software for camera recording

    Hi, I'm planning a build of a car pc in my 2008 Mazda 6 (UK), and one of the main things I want it for (apart from the obvious music collection) is to install some webcams (was thinking two, maybe three) and have the computer record them in a loop, like a car dvr.

    I haven't built anything yet but have three main options, use my nexus 7 which I'm sure won't be suitable, 2, a proper pc build, or the most likely option I'm favouring, buy a cheap laptop or netbook on ebay, maybe upgrade it and add hard drive and external in dash screen.

    Therefore I would probably go go a windows 8 or android system, or possibly both. I have bought an android OS on a disc and am going to experiment as to whether I can boot to android from a windows 8 tile, for example.

    So does anybody know if any software for windows or android that would record up to three cameras simultaneously and save them in loop files of say, half an hour each, and start that automatically when the pc turns on or wakes up if laptop? It also needs to run in the background while the system is doing other things like playing music.

    Not much to ask eh?


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    I doubt a tablet would be powerful enough to record 2 or 3 webcams. Maybe it would work if youre recording in 640x480 at only 15 FPS or something, but not 720p or higher.
    MiniCam for Windows works fine for what you want. With 3 cams you just need to add some parameters (as explained on the website) and config accordingly.
    BTW, if you like it and will use it, you should send this guy some money. Hes a very nice guy and his support is awesome.

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    Hi, thanks for that will try it. Going to start the build soon, just getting all the parts together so will come back with pics etc.

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