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Thread: EPIA tv-out slow changing graphic mode

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    EPIA tv-out slow changing graphic mode

    Hi guys,

    I have noticed that when using an EPIA 800 with tv-out (I attached a 7" 16:9 LCD monitor) it takes a bit while changing graphic modes, with all that crappy drawings on the screen. Even it's for two-three seconds it doesn't look professional...
    This happens when booting (from power on to windows desktop it takes 45 seconds w/ hibernation) and when opening winamp visualizations...
    Is there any workaround or it's by design and there's nothing to do?


    Nic Galla

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    There's no "fix" that I know of. When if flickers on and off like that during boot, its getting initialized (just like when you switch resolution on a crt)
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