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Thread: Windows 9 this Fall?

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    Windows 9 this Fall?

    My brother mentioned a couple weeks back that there was rumor of W9 coming this fall.

    I expected to see someone post something about it here but I haven't seen a thing so here:

    Apparently W7 will no longer be available after this fall, it was apparently still outselling W8 for upgrades so I guess maybe MS 's new leader finally got the message....people want their start/ program menu back....
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    Release won't be until next year. Developer preview due the end of this month. Then regular updates until RTM. Looking forward to a couple of things (start menu isn't one of them, don't use it, don't miss it). Windowed store apps is probably the biggest. Any store app can run in a window on the desktop. Consider what various frontend software might do with that feature. All depends on what level of communication Microsoft opens up between the desktop and store apps. Time will tell.

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